About Us

Trackapex is the No. 1 Vehicle GPS tracking and security solutions provider

With proven Technology in Vehicle tracking, Fleet Management Systems and home & office security solutions, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most efficient and sophisticated equipment available in our line of business.

With the use of our highly sophisticated but easy to use vehicle tracking system, we are able to locate your vehicle position, speed, status, geo-fencing, & route history, etc. to a great level of accuracy.

Trackapex also provides highly efficient security equipment at homes and offices such as wireless CCTV cameras, smart LPG gas detectors for the safety of your home and family.


Immobiliser Feature

In the event of theft or any unauthorised moved of your vehicle, you will be able to disengage the engine with a command from your iOS/android app or a simple sms command from any phone even without internet access.


Set boundaries in any form and get alerts when your assets goes outside or comes inside the boundary. For instance, you can set a boundary of particular town or any location and get alert in the convenience of your palm on out Android/IOS apps.

Speeding report/alert

In order to control driver behaviour such as over speeding, harsh acceleration or breaking, trackapex’s platform allows users to set speed limits and get alerts when breached.

Route Setting

Sometimes drivers do not follow instructions, this is why you will be able to set a particular route on which your vehicle should use when heading to a particular destination. With route setting, user get alerts by email or in-app notification when and where these routes where not taken.

Automated Reports

Our platform talks reports to you each day depending on parameters you set. Rather than you having to login each time to generate reports, Trackapex’s fleet management platform allows you to set the reports you want and get the directly in your email or right in the iOS/Android mobile application powered by push notifications.

Fuel Monitoring

Using our tracking device with a Fuel Monitoring Sensor gives the fleet manager the ability to monitor and account for the fleet’s fuel consumption. It dramatically reduces the manipulation of fuel, and consequently, reduces the operational costs of the fleet.






Support Rate

“ Trackapex provides the best of services and their system is so efficient and easy to use packed with features. Their tracking device works on our trucks in Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso. Great Service. ”

Baba Osman

SR Drilling Ltd

“ This device helped me retrieve my stollen vehicle by issuing a command from my phone to disable the engine and went to location for my car where it was abandoned with the police. Awesome device. ”

Albert Addy

Personal Use

“ I am able to see where our combine harvesters worked, calculate area and bill clients accordingly. We are more efficient now. ”


Agrifix Ltd

“ we are able to know where our trucks are, set route for them to follow, and even know when vehicles are used for non official purposes. Trackapex Ltd are the best. ”

Reginald Kraikue

DSM Logistics

Services and Products

Vehicle GPS tracking

Trackapex provides comprehensive vehicle, motorcycle and asset tracking solutions that help you have complete oversight of where your car, motorcycle or movable assets are anytime and anywhere. Whether your main requirement is for security, employee monitoring or fuel monitoring, Trackapex will suggest the right device and solution for your needs. We provide a highly user-friendly, but the most sophisticated, tracking platform on the market as well as iOS and Android apps to help you track your assets while on the go.

Home Safety and Security

Trackapex provides home and office safety and security solutions which includes alarm control systems, smoke detectors, natural gas/LPG detectors, wireless CCTV cameras etc. that will aid in keeping your home, office or warehouse safe and secure.